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Neon Signs

A thing of the past yet evolved for the future

Signs Glasgow offer a wide range of signage solutions. Neon Signs are still to this day a very popular request. Signs Glasgow are getting an increased demand for these styles of signs.

Although the old style of neon signs which is not the safest solution is more a thing of the past with the glass bulbs and gas etc Signage has now evolved a much more eco friendly safer alternative. It is called LED Neon Flex Tube. It is a solution that has no unsafe glass or gas but a Flexible LED tube that cant be manipulated into any shapes or text but simply bending. It is an elegant, classy signage solution and is growing by popularity.

If you still like the appearance of the neon sign the Signs Glasgow can help you.

Neon Signs have always had wires visible all of them. And this style is no different however, Signs Glasgow offer a solution of a Tray backing (Light box Style) that can be manufactured in any shape. This style results in a beautiful finish which we hide all the ugly wires inside a very stylish tray and you only see your design in light with no wires visible. Giving you the appearance you want mounted on a nice surface.

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